RBC Credit Card Activation

Royal Bank Credit Card Activation

It’s a great feeling to get a credit card as it contains unlimited offers and benefits. In order to use a credit card, one must activate the credit card.

Hello There! If you have just received RBC Credit Card and looking for the steps to activate the royal bank credit card? then you have come to the correct page.

We will guide you step by step on how to activate the Royal Bank credit card.

Here you can find steps to the RBC Credit Card Login, RBC Credit Card Apply, RBC Credit Card Application, RBC Credit Card Payment, and RBC Credit Card Customer Service guide

How to Activate the ROYAL BANK Credit Card

If you wish to activate the card, there are four ways to activate your RBC Card.

Choose your convenient option and follow the below-mentioned process accordingly.

To Activate the Royal Bank of Canada Online Banking access is not a must however while activating the RBC Credit Card if you wish, you can get access to online banking as well.

ONLINE RBC Credit Card Activation

To activate Royal Bank credit card, follow below simple steps.

  • To activate the Royal Bank credit card, click Here.
  • You will be redirected to a page and asked for Royal Bank Credit Card Number.

  • Enter your 16 Digit Credit Card number and click on Start Activation.
  • You will be asked for personal information in the next steps.
  • Provide that for Verifying purpose and complete the process.

Royal Bank Credit Card Activation by PHONE

Activating the RBC Card through a phone is an easy process as well.

Dial below numbers from your REGISTERED Telephone with Royal Bank.

  • For Personal Banking or Business Banking Credit Card Dial 1-877-900-5900.
  • For Private Banking RBC Card Dial 1-888-769-2597.
  • Provide your card details and Personal Identity.
  • Your card will be activated once the call is finished provided that you have given all the correct information.

Royal Bank Credit Card Activation by Mobile App

  • If you have registered yourself with RBC online banking then you can log in to the link.
  • Enter your Client Card/Username and Password.
  • Go to the Credit card option and click on activate my Credit Card option.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts as asked and you will be able to activate your RBC Credit Card.
  • If you are an RBC Mobile app user, you can activate your card from the Account section or credit card section. Click on Active Now and follow the prompts.

How to Activate Closed or Cancelled RBC Credit Card

If your Royal Bank Card is closed or canceled and you wish to activate it again then you can call on 1800-769-2512 and give the required information.

Give the required information and by end of the call, your canceled or closed RBC Credit card would be activated again.

Security tips on Activate RBC Credit Card

  • If you are choosing the online activation process then please activate when you are in a safe connection and private network.
  • If you were holding a Royal Bank of Canada credit card before and now you have got a new credit card, destroy the old card without fail.

Royal Bank Credit Card Activation Customer Support

  • Dial 1-800-769-2512
  • TTY: 1-800-769-2518
  • International: +800-0-769-2512. (must include corresponding international access code)
  • Mail
    • Royal Bank of Canada
    • RBC WaterPark Place, 16th floor
    • 88 Queens Quay West
    • Toronto, ON, M5J 0B8

Hopefully, we covered almost all troubleshooting regarding Royal Bank Credit Card Login, RBC Credit Card Payment, and RBC Credit Card Activation procedure. 

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People Also Ask RBC Credit Card Activation

Do I need to activate my RBC card?

RBC Royal Bank requires that all Online Banking clients enter an Activation Code before they can access the full functionality of Online Banking. This provides another level of security to your personal and/or business information and finances.

How do I activate my RBC credit card?

You can call us at 1 877 900 5900 to activate your card. Remember that you don’t need to have access to Online Banking in order to activate your card online. Go to www.rbc.com/activate. Follow the on-screen prompts.

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